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Chatterpillar is a pseudo-anonymous group chatting app for chatting within a close group of friends. It is an app for having anonymous but civil discussions on trending or relevant topics with people you already know or within a close community


App Features

Share username to receive anonymous messages

Invite friends to anonymous groups


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the app different from other chatting app?

Chatterpillar is the only app which lets to you chat anonymously within your contact list.

 How do I sign in on the app?

Download the app from play store , After installing app asks for your phone number  and sends verification OTP  and you need to set your username( Do not give your actual name instead give some funky anonymous name) now you are ready to send anonymous .

Is the app secure? Can I receive messages from a stranger on the app?

Yes, it is a secure app.  You will get messages only from the person who has your number in their contact list.

 Can I invite friends to the app? How?

You can invite your friends by clicking ‘share your username’ button in the app, it shows the options through which you want to send them the invite (WhatsApp, messenger, SMS... etc) , Chatterpillar automatically sends the message asking them to Download the app for chatting anonymously along with your anonymous username.
Another method would be by status, go to status tab pick a question or you can write your question or your message and click on invite friends.

What is the difference between status and groups? but what does this App actually do?

Status is just like WhatsApp Status, friends in your contact list can see it and comment on it, you can also invite  friends to comment on the status, 
In the group, you cannot invite people to comment, only people who were part of it and the admin of the group can see the messages.

Why does the app need access to my contact list?

App needs access to your contact list because it lets you chat anonymously only within your contact list. If you want to chat or send message anonymously, first you need to add their number to your contact list.


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