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WhatsApp Business API: Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business API is not free. Most WhatsApp Business Service Partners (BSPs) charge for setup and integration services. However, some providers, like chatterpillar, offer free API/chatbot setups, striving to reduce integration and maintenance costs for small-to-medium businesses.  

Note: Meta charges businesses per message following a country/region-specific rate card.This pricing does vary based on your chosen tech partner.

To apply for WhatsApp Business API, connect with WhatsApp BSPs like Chatterpillar. You may also have to maintain sufficient business-initiated conversations and verify your business details. Then, provide the required details to your WhatsApp partner to create your API account.

The API is an interface that can be added to customer relationship platforms. It requires an existing communication framework, with many WhatsApp Business Service Providers like chatterpillar available to assist in setup. Meta provides a cloud API alternative that doesn’t need a strong framework but offers limited functionality.

You can integrate WhatsApp Business API into your website by creating click-to-WhatsApp ads or adding a chat widget. Partners like chatterpillar enable the creation of no-code chatbots for 24/7 customer support, automated broadcasting, drip marketing campaigns, and hassle-free payment collection on WhatsApp.

“WhatsApp has a detailed commerce policy  that restricts various sectors like healthcare, gaming, etc, and certain message types like marketing emails. You can find more about that policy on the WhatsApp Commerce Policy page.”

WhatsApp Business API is like a Swiss Army knife, packed with a ton of features to help businesses chat up their customers more efficiently. And trust us, it’s way more capable than the traditional WhatsApp app and even more capable and feature-rich than the WhatsApp Business variant.

Unlock the True Potential of WhatsApp Business API