Shopify – ChatterPillar

Enhance your Shopify Store revenue by leveraging WhatsApp.

Connect your Shopify store to WhatsApp through chatterpillar to guarantee your presence wherever your customers are located.

Benefit Of Shopify Features In Chatterpillar

Share Product Catalogs at Scale

Send product catalogs at scale to customers on WhatsApp as part of campaigns & auto-replies

Monitor Chat & Campaign Analytics

Monitor campaign performance, response & resolution times of your agents to improve your customer experience

Automate order updates & track engagement

That allows you to track customer interactions, manage orders, and automate communication. Popular options include Facebook, Shopify.

24/7 Sales and Support

Enable 24/7 sales and support with WhatsApp chatbots and Team Inbox.

Watch Unattended Carts turn into Profitable Transactions

Create Chatbots & WhatsApp Stores in no time.

Boost E-commerce Sales with an Omnichannel Inbox Solution

Information You Require For Shopify With Chatterpillar

The integration of WhatsApp and Shopify, powered by chatterpillar, enables seamless connectivity between your Shopify store and the WhatsApp Business API. This integration allows you to enhance customer engagement on WhatsApp, providing a better experience for your Shopify customers.

By incorporating the WhatsApp and Shopify workflow, you have the ability to execute a range of WhatsApp marketing automation campaigns. These campaigns can include addressing cart abandonment, sending follow-up messages, providing payment notifications, and much more. This integration will greatly enhance customer engagement and ultimately boost revenue.

By linking your WhatsApp and Shopify accounts, you can effortlessly send product catalogs, notifications, and messages to your customers on WhatsApp. This integration allows them to conveniently shop without the need to leave the WhatsApp interface.

Abandoned cart reminders, order confirmations, shipment updates, and customized marketing messages.

Chatterpillar WhatsApp Business API sends automated reminders to customers who leave their cart without completing the order. These reminders can contain a link or button to the purchase page, and even special offers or discounts.